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Josh's South American adventure

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This MyTripJournal documents 11 and a half months of travel throughout the South American countries of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Over that time, I not only saw lots of amazing things and met many wonderful people, I also saw incremental improvements on the MyTripJournal site.

The site's staff were very helpful whenever I had a question or suggestion, and the user and the visitor experience both improved considerably over the year. I am honored that the staff have selected my site as a "best of," and I am pleased you have decided to stop by to check it out. Enjoy the trip, and if you are considering starting an online travel journal, I think MyTripJournal is well-worth the investment.

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Getting ready
Packing, reducing and trimming
Saying goodbye was never so much fun
Miami, the airport is still there!
Bogota, Colombia
Arrive Buenos Aires
We know, and we´re sorry
Starting 3 months in Reconquista
Kevin starts Spanish lessons, 3 p.m.
Josh´s first Spanish lesson, 11 a.m.
Spanish lessons (Part 1), Oct 21
Trip to Estancia Las Aves
La Serenata
Observations - and nothing more
Maté, the ubiquotous Argentine drink
Getting ready to go to Argentina´s northwest
Overnight to Santa Fe
Tucuman, home of Argentine independence
Excursion from Tucuman to Cafayete
Cafayete to Salta
Free day in Salta and city tour
Excursion to Cachi, little town in the Andes
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