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Josh's South American adventure

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This MyTripJournal documents 11 and a half months of travel throughout the South American countries of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Over that time, I not only saw lots of amazing things and met many wonderful people, I also saw incremental improvements on the MyTripJournal site.

The site's staff were very helpful whenever I had a question or suggestion, and the user and the visitor experience both improved considerably over the year. I am honored that the staff have selected my site as a "best of," and I am pleased you have decided to stop by to check it out. Enjoy the trip, and if you are considering starting an online travel journal, I think MyTripJournal is well-worth the investment.

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Arriba, working on the other farm
Daily routines; morning, market...
Fishing like I've never fished...
Working with trees and the garden
Kichwa culture and Gringo culture...
Not the only volunteer at Finca...
Cultural Experience - Living in...
Building a bamboo bunk bed
The first bed: intercultural...
Bed II: relax and it'll be all right
Building a chicken coop
Play time
The machete, the South American...
Visiting vet and other odds & ends
Yucca, the South American potato
New food
La despedida, saying goodbye to the...
Concluding thoughts about living...
Revisiting Baños
Adios a mis amigos que hablan...
Twelve hours in Caracas
English-speaking goodbye
SURPRISE! I'm home early.
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