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Welcome to our website! This site contains all the information on our travels. Now there are Journals for each trip. Within each Journal you can check out our itinerary, photos and the what we are doing. You can leave us messages and we will reply. You can all look at the guest book for all kinds of information.

 Map:  Canada and USA without Hawaii 
Map Canada and USA without Hawaii
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Traveling in United States
Travel 2015 

 Trip Journals 
Travel 2016
Travel 2015
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2012 Travels
Canadian Maritimes 2011
Alaska 2010
Carribean Cruise 2009
Jeff and Susan's 2009 11 Month Trip to New England
Caribean Cruise 2008
From Beer and Beans to Louisiana Hot Sauce - 2008
Cruise to Cabo San Lucas
2008 Heart of Mexico - Mexico City
Southern Caribbean Cruise 2007
2007 Australia/New Zealand/Fiji
Northwest Summer 2007
South Carlsbad State Beach
Yucatan 2007

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