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Sylvia and Jeff travel blog
Sylvia and Jeff welcome you to our website.

Our working life has now ended and it is time to live the dream. As most of you will know we have been planing this trip for a number of years, and it is coming together nicely.

By shareing our trip with you we will have encouragement, support and hopefully much merriement from your comments.

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Sylvia's last memory of work
Jeff's last day at work
We are on our way
Jeff & Sylvia arrive safely in...
The Saga of our Journey
Kruger Park Trip
Caption Competition 2
Sydney to Melbourne
The Campervaners
Our New Home
Tipples With Sylvia Part 1
Our First Campervan Rally
Wynyards to The Edge of The World...
Stanley to Strahan
From Strahan to Bruny Island
Bruny Island to Port Arthur
Port Arthur to Swansea
Swansea to St Helens
Tipples with Sylvia 2
St. Helens to George Town
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