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curry_in_a_hurry :-) :-(

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India and Sri Lanka marked the final leg of our travel year and where we enjoyed the company of hometown friends, John and Gayle.

Culture shock and climate differences were amazing but extremely rewarding. The simple art of 'smiling' was one of many polite gestures we were greeted with and had missed so much.

The flight from Paris to Delhi was a good one and seemed to 'fly' by.
Passing over Kabul in Afghanistan then the Himalayan Mountains was amazing. At around 9000m the peaks seemed to be only marginally below us which was impressive if not a little too close for comfort.

Indian security was tight not only at airports but also at most hotels and historical sites which did seem excessive at times although we felt the better for it. By comparison the Sri Lankan security was less invasive but still present.

Traffic and its associated noises were at times overwhelming but the choice we had made for private drivers in both India and Sri Lanka paid dividends. The often dangerous antics drivers displayed in both countries gave rise to the statement “who-dares-wins” which summed up their scary road techniques perfectly.

Overall, we were extremely happy we had made the choice to visit both countries while on our way home and amazed that we had avoided any 'Delhi-Bellies' during our time there.
The precaution of having 'disposables' on standby was a smart idea of Gayle's but proved unnecessary.

The added bonus was that John and Gayle found the time to join us for this final part of our travels. The comfort of their companionship added to the fun we enjoyed not to mention the extra drinks we downed.

It was now pretty much all over for our travel year with the flight to Singapore and then home the finishing touch to what has been a fantastic experience for us.

We feel extremely fortunate that we had enjoyed one more 'adventure-before-dementia' and are hopeful there will still be more to come.

David & Gilli xxx

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