Ian and Margaret's RV Adventures travel blog

Ian and Margaret's RV Adventures

Ian and Margaret's RV Travels travel blog
Welcome to our website, where we will record our travels in the RV.

Since early 2006 we have been traveling summers (roughly May-October) in our New Horizons fifth wheel with our two cats Titus (the skinny white Siamese) and Max (the huge black Maine Coon mix). We're loving the opportunity to see parts of the country we haven't visited and to get out of Phoenix (our "fixed" home) during the blistering summer months. We'll keep it up as long as we are able and having fun.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us, but if not, please feel free to "opt out" at any time -- our feelings won't be hurt! Also your comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome at any time. We love hearing from you, especially our new readers but also our old friends. We have begun adding selected messages to the "Guestbook" (accessible under the index of boxes on the upper right hand corner of this page); if you would like us to remove any message already there or would like us not to include a message you send us, please just let us know. We will not include purely personal messages, so don't worry about that. You may also e-mail either of us directly here for Margaret or here for Ian.

If you are not already receiving e-mail notice of updates and would like to, just click the link for "request updates" at the upper right side of this page and we'll add you to the list.

Margaret also has a photo website if you'd like to look at some of her non-travel work, at www.margaretwrightphoto.com. Stop by and take a look!

And if you're a member of Facebook and would like to follow us there (actually Margaret is the only one of us that is a regular there), click on the badge below and ask to become a friend. If we might not recognize your name, please mention that you're a reader of our trip journal. We sometimes post status updates and pictures there in the interval between journal updates.

See you on the road (or on the 'net)!

Margaret Wright

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