Tina and Kevin's Honeymoon Gift 2004 travel blog

Tina and Kevin's Honeymoon Gift 2004

Kevin & Anna Tina travel blog
HELLO All!! Thanks for comming to our site! So, we were thinking. We have almost no room in our apartment for gifts (blender, knives, and such), and we wouldn't be able to plug them in over in Switzerland anyway. As everyone knows, we love adventure. We can't wait to get married and get outside! It would be great if folks just pitched in for the gas on our honeymoon roadtrip of the West. In return, we'll post updates from the road, so you'll share in the adventure and see the fruits of your contributions in the smiles on our faces. And hopefully, we'll see some of you out in the wilds!! Love, Tina & Kevin
Amendment 6/17/04: The wedding has come and gone, and everyone has been more than generous to the gas fund. We are all filled up and ready to start our trip on July 1st! Thanks, see ya on the road!
(P.S. The maps are interactive. Just click on a number to see where we've been or browse other maps at the bottom. Cheers!)
(P.S.P.S. They've added a guestbook! Be sure to say hello or leave a message! Thanks)

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All the folk's are here...
The "Big Day," live and...
The "Day After" kayak...
The Journey Begins!
Bee-line to Bakersfield!
Happy Birthday America!
Return to the hills!
Escape via Big Bear!
Kev's Birthday Adventure!
Adventures with Ranger...
Seeing off the Folks!
Heading for the promise...
The Hoodoo's of Bryce...
Surfing the Capitol Reef!
From domes to Arches!
Adventures in Dinoland!
Grand Teton Time.
Yonkers for Yellowstone!
Quick Run Through...
The Last Push, Mt Rainier!
Heading South!
Final Thoughts and...
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