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9/28/07: Bonjour mes amis! See our map and itinerary for our October trip through France. We'll post pictures and updates as often as we can, but make no promises for timeliness~! We are on #*%!'ing vacation after all!

10/11/07 - New pic's start at #29, under Paris date - Slovenia pictures are of Holly's family if you're interested, otherwise we'll have Normandy shots up next...

10/13/07: New pictures start with the Normandy and The Loire Valley entry. We start our 5 day cycling tour tomorrow in Burgandy so we may be out of touch for a while...

10/22/07 We think!
Bike pictures in Burgundy are the new ones, the cycling and wine tour was great! All is well, just left the Riviera, more pic's of there soon! See and talk to you all soon!

10/27/07: French Riviera pic's are up. Talk to everyone soon!

10/28/07: Our last few days start with Provence and end in Paris. Nothing less than great - memories that we'll treasure always.

C'est la vie! Au Revoir for now!

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