'half the world': a sojourn from istanbul to isfahan travel blog

'half the world': a sojourn from istanbul to isfahan

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Merhaba, Salam

This web journal has been created in order to allow WORRIED parents the ability to follow my every move, to keep the Department of Landscape Architecture & Faculty of Architecture at U of M informed, as well as to entice and inspire other landscape students to take advantage of the Carl Nelson Travel Fellowship and all other travel opportunities. The site also functions as an image gallery and depository for my work.

The purpose of my research in Turkey and Iran is to investigate the possibility of redefining the public market as a catalyst for activity through the SPATIAL PATTERNS and PUBLIC REALM prevalent in Turkish and Iranian BAZAARS.

At home in Montreal, markets have become highly valued as cultural centres. People flock to the city's four principal markets at the weekend, for fresh produce and variety, local specialities, as well as the humane and eclectic environment.

In much of North America, what spatially differentiates a public market from other types of retail spaces is that public markets are located in and/or create a public space, activate underused space, or displace a disfavoured use of a space. The spaces are often physically removed from their surrounding context, yet do our public markets benefit from being notably seperate from other space types?

The bazaars of Turkey and Iran are unified with all aspects of urban condition and their spatial relationships are largely informed by the axial and geometrical arrangement upon which the bazaars are organized. The configuration of a bazaar and its relationship with the urban fabric is distinguishable as an active public realm, but it is not separate from its surroundings. This aspect of the bazaar offers support to the ideas and values that are a crucial part of a public market's character. For this, I am off to Turkey and Iran.

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