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Welcome to my Trip/Adventure Journal!

1968 Senior High School picture, NO GREY!

I retired in 2013 after a 42 year Data Processing/IT career in the Nashville TN area.
My goals were simple:
Never cut grass again, I had over 2 acres.
Never wear anything heaver than a jacket, I don't like being COLD!!!
Never clean out another house gutter, I had a lot of trees.
After 10 years of planning/dreaming along with the advise & guidance from my financial advisor Jeremy Sweeney @ Ameriprise; I sold my house, bought a NuWa HitchHiker 5th wheel(RV) and a Chevy 3500 Diesel truck(Tow Vehicle).
I started living my dream as a Full Time RVer that same year.

My son Tyler and I enjoyed many vacations in a smaller RV. Most trips were out West to explore & hike our National Parks. But, our first Western adventure was riding the famous Grand Canyon Mules on a 2 day overnighter. That was special!
With limited time, we had to drive hundreds of miles daily just to get to our destinations. This gave me an itch; I'll take my time and 'See the USA in a Chevrolet', just to quote an old Dina Shore commercial.
I plan on doing just that!

Come on along with me @ as I enjoy my new way of life/lifestyle.
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Map USA (Continental) - states
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