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Hakuna my tatas

Dany travel blog
Welcome to my trip journal!

This blog is about a guy who sits his lazy arse on the saddle of his bike and let his legs do the job of carrying him across many countries.

I will not say a word about the "7000kms trip" i have done already through rainy Great Britain,Friendly France,much too hot Spain and "are we really in Portugal cause everyone speak perfectly either French or English"-Portugal.

The blog starts now,in Sevilla,Spain and will carry you(well me)to Morocco,Tunisia and back in Europe some day or might as well end up right after those lines if i find it to hard to entertain you with my stories.

Why do i start a blog now.
Well i am now a owner of a technology that has changed the world.For the first time in my life,i can connect with the world anywhere i am through that little device call " mobile phone"(note that i am not using the American term "cell phone" cause i prefer the british side of the english language.)
Also after meeting a man,Ian,and read is blog about riding in Aussie, i said to myself "Well,it is time."
But more for the 15% of hot chiks i meet who asks me for my blog.

So,let's scroll down to see the map and posts.

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La muerte peluda
A new world
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