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GungaJimGoesSOTB (Spring 2007)

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It is time to hit the road again. This journey takes me South of the Border from Mexico to the tip of South America with a host of stops in between, plus a minor detour to Easter Island. I depart on February 14th The return is scheduled for May 4th - almost 12 weeks on the road.

Despite all my travels in years past I realized a few months ago that I haven't seen many of the remarkable sites of Latin America. This trip is designed to fill these voids.

Stops along the way include: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Quito, the Galapagos, Lima, Machu Picchu, Arequipa, the Atacama Desert, Santiago, the Chilean Lake District, Chilean Patagonia (Torres del Paine NP), Easter Island and a mystery destination that you will discover by reading my journal entries.

For the most part I will be doing this trip independently, unhindered by the restrictions of group travel. Thus, I'm expecting to have a lot encounters with locals resulting in interesting antedotes and photos for you to indulge in. So, amigo, pack your virtual bag and join me!

And, if all goes well on this journey, I intend to do a second phase later in 2007 to Brazil, Bolivia and Parguay, my only remaining unvisted countries in Latin America.

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Volcano Lakes, Flamingos @...
High Andes near Argentinian...
Mar 28/07
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Mar 29/07
Iquique, Humbersone Mine...
Mar 30/07
Iquique to Arica then up to...
Mar 31/07
Luaca National Park above...
Chile to Peru
Apr 2/07
Arequipa, Chile
Apr 3/07
False Start to Cuzco
My Life is Finally Complete -...
Macchu Pichu - The Good, the...
Otavalo, Ecuador
Apr 19/07
N. Seymour Island
Apr 20/07
Galapagos Arrival & Shopping...
Hood Island, Galapagos
Floreana Is. & 1st Post Office...
Apr 23/07
Puerto Ayora & Santa Cruz Island
Apr 24/07
Isabela Island - Punta Moreno
Apr 25/07
Urvina Bay - Isabela Island
Apr 25/07
Fernandina Island - Punta...
Apr 26/07
James & Bartolome Islands
Apr 27/07
North Shore of Santa Cruz -...
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