Gunga Jim Goes RTW Via the Silk Route (2005) travel blog

Gunga Jim Goes RTW Via the Silk Route (2005)

Gunga Jim travel blog
Welcome to my website! This four month adventure is my most ambitious journey yet. The itinerary is designed to accomplish several personal objectives.

1. Complete my circumnavigation of the globe. (I have been east as far as Muscat, Oman and as far as west Kashgar, China which are separated by about 16 degrees of longitude, a gap I hope to bridge by trip's end.)
2. Bring near closure to my 18 year effort to explore the breadth of the Silk Route. This time I journey through Central Asia and the Caucasus, the areas I judge to be the heart and soul of the Route. I'll be with a group of 18, some old buddies and all with impressive global travel credentials.
3. Visit Slovenia, the only remaining country of note that I haven't seen in western and central Europe.
4. Visit Iran and India, two of the most exotic destinations in Asia.
5. Re-visit some old favorites (Myanmar{Burma}, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan and in the process, catch up with some old friends.
6. Tackle the extremities of the South China Sea taking in peninsular Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, the Philippines and Taiwan.
7. If I successly reach all the planned destination, by trip's end I will have visited almost 200 countries during 26 years of global travel.
8. And, I won't mention the final 14 days in Hawaii to, as they say, unwind.

I hope you'll join me via this website for the entire journey. We leave on August 1 and return on December 1.

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