Grandpa's Road Trip 2008 June 27th - August 12th travel blog

Grandpa's Road Trip 2008 June 27th - August 12th

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Welcome to my journal homepage about my road trip with my two grandsons, Jared 11 and Chase 10, for this summer.

This is our second road trip; last year's adventure took us to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland where we also visited the Cleveland Browns training camp. From there we visited the city of Chattanooga's Aquarium, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Lookout Mountain, and Ruby Falls. From there we traveled to Memphis and toured Graceland and then on to Gravette, AR to visit with our friends The Crowley Family (Tim, Nikki, Jessica and Brittany) on their farm. Make sure you visit my journal for last year's trip and see the fun we had.

This year we're going to be visiting Presidential Libraries and Museums, Historic Parks and Monuments going over 10,000 miles in 45 days covering 35 states.

The purpose of my trip other than spending time with my two grandsons’ is to help bring awareness to living life on dialysis and living with kidney disease.

It is estimated that kidney disease affects over 26 million Americans and another 20 million more are at increased risk. Early detection can help prevent the progression of kidney disease to kidney failure.

I’m fortunate to be on the NxStage Medical home dialysis machine which makes my daily (6 times a week) dialysis treatments both flexible and truly portable. The daily treatments help me to live a more active life, enjoying traveling with my family and seeing this great country we live in.

Join me this summer in being a part of this exciting journey, post a comment, ask a question, inquire about my treatment or whatever you like but follow my journey and see what we see.

If you'd like to help financially with my journey donations would be greatly appreciated. I had hoped that I'd be able to get the support of the National Kidney Foundation to assist me in this endeavor but that did not work out. I'm fortunate that NxStage stepped up to help significantly to help offset some of the cost but as of now this endeavor is mostly personally paid for. That's OK with me, I think it's important that those who live on dialysis become aware of the different options that we have and specifically something that can help increase their quality of life.

Those of you who would still like to support this effort can do so by sending your donation directly to me or through PayPal if you have a PayPal account Send payments to

Thank you for your love and support and help to make this possible, this is truly going to be a summer to remember.

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Aug 4/08
Simi Valley, CA
Aug 5/08
Garden Grove, CA
Aug 6/08
Oceanside, CA
Aug 6/08
El Centro, CA
Aug 7/08
Fort Huachuca, AZ
Aug 8/08
Sedona, AZ
Aug 9/08
Grand Canyon, AZ
Aug 10/08
Keyenta, AZ
Aug 10/08
Four Corners National...
Aug 10/08
Denver, CO
Aug 11/08
Abilene, KS
Aug 11/08
Lee's Summit, MO
Aug 12/08
Pineville, MO
Gravette, AR
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