Julia & Dave' s Great American Adventure travel blog

Julia & Dave' s Great American Adventure

Julia and Dave travel blog
Hi and welcome to our trip journal for what we think is Our trip of a lifetime (well up until now) Keep track of where we are, what we are doing, and what it is like to be on our own " exchange".
We hope that you will enjoy our mails, as we have enjoyed yours, so that our friends may share what we are seeing and experiencing. There are maps that correspond to the numbers at the side of the postings for you to follow our journey.


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20 sleeps to go
The holidays start
Mexico ' watch out
Viva Mexico!!!
Playa Del Carmen - on...
Belize {where?}
Flores - we may never...
Guatemala - Land of the...
Costa Rica - Pura Vida!
Brazil pt.1
Brazil Part II
From Paraguay to the Sea
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