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Welcome to my trip journal family and friends!

Many of you asked why I wanted to go on this extended trip, for over a year and with no end date or destinations. Well, I have had this desire to live outside my country again for a long time.

As many of you know, when I was 21 years old, I entered the Peace Corps and I lived and worked alongside people at the poorest levels of humanity in the Dominican Republic for two years, followed by another year living in Mexico working for a non profit. Both experiences left strong impressions on me--changed my view of life, how I view my homeland and how I wanted to live. Ever since, I have wanted to live in another country again and also travel the world to meet and interact with different cultures and see the physical wonders of our planet without a fixed timeline or route.

In 2003, Rotary provided me the opportunity to visit Ecuador as the leader of a Group Study Exchange team, and as they say, the rest is history. After several trips to Ecuador over the past ten years, I concluded that if I was to ever achieve this dream, I better do it now while my health is good. I decided that either I needed to quit telling people I was going to do it, or do it now. Put up, or shut up. I realized that I had a unique set of experiences and talents that enabled me to follow through on this dream if I had the courage to take the plunge. I concluded that I had wondered about this dream so long, a kind of fantasy, that I would never be at one with myself if I didn't take the risk of cutting ties and leaving my comfort zone.

Its truly astounding the number and kinds of ways we are linked, or tied, to our lives that we freely choose to adopt, or at least accept, whether we planned for them or not. Deciding to leave took a while because of having to separate from family and many, many friends. Each and all of you have supported me with your kindnesses, support and ideas throughout my life since childhood, school, university, in the teaching profession, Rotary and other avenues of one's life experience. I would not be where I am, and who I am today if it weren't for all that you have freely and sincerely given to me. Thank you all so very much for sharing your confidences, trust and own life aspirations.

I also want to thank the many of you who expressed concern about what I wanted to do. Many of you expressed strong support, that I should 'go for it', and said it was something that you would like to do. Others looked at me, and didn't say much, perhaps, from disbelief. Some asked if I was afraid, or that he/she could never, didn't want to ever, do what I was considering. Some of us who have left the homeland for one reason or another---travel and tourism, employment, and service in the military-- have experienced the worst that humanity endures and know that the USA is truly a fortunate place to call home. We each returned home with enlightening experiences that forever filter and influence how we view America, the goals we set for ourselves and the lives we chose to live.
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