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Hello! We have created this webpage in order to share our experiences as we travelled around the world in 2004 and 2005. You can see where we went and when by clicking on the Itinerary.

Global Yawp is a reference to the Walt Whitman poem, Song of Myself. In that poem, Whitman writes "I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world." We thought this passage was appropriate to the adventuristic nature of our journey, as well as the webpage which was our way of shouting back to the friends and family we left behind.

We have finished our trip and are now back in the United States and living in Annapolis, Maryland. Because this webpage has been designated a "Best Of My Trip Journal" it will remain online even though we are no longer editing it. However, we are always happy to hear from fellow travellers, so feel free to drop us a line at

Look for the April 12, 2005 entry for some closing thoughts on the entire trip, and the May 14, 2006 entry for a list of the top ten items to take on a round-the-world trip.

We would like to encourage everyone to use fair trade tour operators when possible while travelling. In Namibia and Tanzania, we travelled with Muir's Tours ( which is a non-profit, fair trade travel agency. Other resources include Tourism Concern (
and the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations ( Also, you can plant trees to offset the carbon dioxide produced by all of the planes, buses, etc. that you use while travelling through the Go Zero program at the Conservation Fund (

Thanks for reading and happy travels!
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