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Expedition to the Galapagos

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Welcome to a trip we've long wanted to take -- a Lindblad Expedition to the Galapagos Islands. We'll hardly be alone, in that we're being joined by our kids and grandkids as we do something special to celebrate the month of our "Big Five Ohhhh". The trip is sponsored by the University of California Alumni Association, and we're looking forward to seeing first-hand the fabled biodiversity of this unique location off the coast of Ecuador. Included in the expedition is some college level educational programming which we look forward to sharing with the youngest of our generations.

We’ve discussed the trip with a number of friends and acquaintances. Several of them had already taken the trip -- and loved it. Those who had not were unusually interested in what we’d find with this travel experience. In particular, they were curious to know how well the trip was arranged and managed by Lindblad; and what it might be like to be aboard the National Geographic ship “Endeavor” for a week. So in addition to recounting the sights and experiences of the Galapagos, we’ll include an assessment of this particular trip option for visiting the Galapagos.

We'd love to have you join us here, as we report back with commentary, pictures and video to document this unusual trip. Note that if you have not previously done so, you can request email notification of our journal updates.

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Ready for Departure!
Positioned for Galapagos...
Settling In
Another *very* active day...
A *Very* Active Day
More fascinating experiences...
A Visit to Santa Cruz (Galapagos)
Adventures Continue
Last Full Day
Returning to Guayaquil
What You Might Want To Know If...
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