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The Champagne Backpacker

Michael Chun's Round the World Trip 2005/2006/2007-- The Adventure of a Lifetime

Aloha and welcome to my travel journal! As you know, I am embarking on a one plus year adventure around the world beginning in July 2005. The genesis of this trip began after I was let go from my position as Senior Counsel of a PC manufacturer due to a merger and subsequent reduction in staff. I now have the time and opportunity to travel the world. One year has traditionally been the time for a round the world trip. People dream of taking such a trip and I'm not going to pass up this opportunity.

My itinerary will take me first to Turkey and Greece for some sailing in the Mediterranean. My good friend, Jeff Jordan, will rendezvous with me in Istanbul for the Turkish and Greek portions of the trip. After Turkey and Greece, I will be traveling solo to, among other places and in rough order, the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt), East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana), South Africa, Morocco, Spain, and France. I need to make my way to Paris by December 19th for a return flight to Los Angeles. On Christmas Eve, I fly to Honolulu, Hawaii, to spend the holidays with my family. In mid-January 2006, I plan to fly one-way to India, and begin my travels around the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia (Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia), China, Tibet, and Mongolia. From China, I plan to fly to Bali, Indonesia, and then on to Fiji and Tahiti. To view my full detailed itinerary, click on the "Itinerary" link. The numbers in brackets "( )" refer to page numbers in the book "1000 Places to See Before You Die--A Traveler's Life List". This book helped me in part plan out this itinerary. The two places I definitely wanted to include in my itinerary were East Africa and India--East Africa for their safaris and India because, according to seasoned travelers, one is not a true world traveler until he has experienced India. This interary will certainly change during the course of my travels, but it does provide a pretty good outline of my plans.

I encourage you to sign my guest book and/or send me a message, either through this website or enjoy hearing what my friends and family are up to. The adventure begins! Cheers! -MC

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The Champagne Backpacker: Michael's Round the World Trip 2005-2007-- The Adventure of a Lifetime 

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The Champagne Backpacker: Michael's Round the World Trip 2005-2007-- The Adventure of a Lifetime

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