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Going Fulltime

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Well we have thought about it a lot, now for the next 4 years, we are preparing for the time of our lives becoming full timers.

What's a full-timer you ask? Why, its the best life you can live by not having any one place to call home, but having a different place to call home every day if you wish. You can have a lake one day, mountains the next and the beach the following day. The world is your yard and playground without having to do yard work or maintenance on it.

Imagine having the time to enjoy life in the wilderness with nobody around, or having a new neighbor every few days. Don't like your neighbor, you can pack up and move in a moments notice. Try that in a stick and brick house. Bet you can't do that. This is how life is enjoyed and we are waiting on the day we can do that full time.

Oh and don't forget, there is always coming back to family and friends where ever they may be living.

I will be retiring at 62 so I can enjoy the life I dream of. Can I wait.....it's getting hard to.

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