FRANCIS GOES ROUND THE WORLD - in search of a more inspired title for this site travel blog

FRANCIS GOES ROUND THE WORLD - in search of a more inspired title for this site

Francis travel blog
Welcome to my website

You'll have seen better; you'll have seen worse but overall its ok

What the critics said:
Francis's account of his trip around the world is fantastic and his photos are like i can only ever dream of taking. Im his girlfriend but he's not put me upto saying this. Absolutely not. No way - LIZ

If Francis's website was an ice cream it would be Walls Fantastico or Walls Frantastico with hundreds and thousands on top and with a flake thrown in for good measure - BOO THE CAT

Francis, if you dont come home soon your tea will go cold - HIS MUM

What was the web address again? - HIS SISTER

Filled with fascinating details and told with spirited intensity that will keep the reader hooked unil the last luggage reclaim conveyor belt has been successfully negotiated - MR FIBSTER

Hi Im Ed Winchester and i just popped in to say Im Ed Winchester - Anon

Your ars# is at risk if you do not keep up with monthly repayments - Nat West

Toilet - speaking of which toilet paper is a traveller's best friend - Me
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28 Aug 2006
Get the tea on mum - Im...
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