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Epic Journey to Alaska

This trip started out as an way to escape the Texas heat. In my old age I am becoming less heat-tolerant, so during the summers I really like to visit my brother in Glacier National Park, or my sister in Anchorage. I also wanted to participate in the National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) ham radio event, and Darin wanted to test our new Ford Transit on a REAL trip.

We would stop each day to see family, friends or parks. It was very tempting to see more, especially when we got to the Seattle/Portland area, but we knew we had to stick to our schedule or else we'd never make it to Alaska.

9,000 miles in 30 days. There were moments of doubt, but we just woke up every day and kept driving. Keeping each driving day under 8 hours, and taking time to enjoy the sights were good strategies. We finally agreed that I did not have to drive. Darin likes to drive, and doesn't really relax when I drive, so we both ended up being happier. (I did drive for 200 miles, mostly to keep him from saying he did the whole drive by himself.) During the drive I kept him entertained by reading about where we were in the Milepost, and during the boring parts I read him choose-your-own adventure books, or we'd play 80 Days together.

There were not many "boring" parts, as you will soon see!

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