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Tales From The Open Roads & Salty Seas

We love to travel and we invite you to come along, on-line of course, and enjoy the adventure with us. We hope that, through our written summaries and photographs, you will get a flavor of what we are up to as we motor around North America in our RV. Occasionally, we will take to the air and fly to far away places not accessible by RV. Sometimes, cruise ship voyages will lure us off the road. So, stay tuned and we hope you enjoy our journals.

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Traveling in Oklahoma, United States
Adventures for 2018 

 Trip Journals 
Adventures for 2019
Adventures for 2018
Summer 2016 & Beyond
Cruisin' Down Under
Summer 2015 & Beyond
An Irish Wedding & A Baltic Cruise
Summer 2014 & Beyond
Aloha From The Islands
A Wedding & A Cruise
Emerald Isle To Greek Isles
More Great Lakes & Beyond
Lake Michigan & Great River Road
Our Oriental Odyssey
Canadian Rockies to The Great Lakes & Beyond
Ireland & Cruise The Mediterranean
Adventure to Baja California
Summer, Autumn, & Winter Too...2010
Erin & Espania
Cruise to Mexican Riviera
Wandering in the West
Meandering to Quebec & The Maritime Provinces
Christmas 2008 - In the Panama Canal
Thanksgiving 2008 - Eastern Caribbean Sail Away
Sojourn to the Southeast
Our National Parks Journey
Winter in Texas - Spring in Oklahoma
Western Caribbean - Set Sail on a Cruise Ship
After Alaska - Fall Around the West
We're Going North - North to Alaska
South of the Border - Yucatan Bound
Mexico's Copper Canyon - On the Piggyback Train
Ireland - The Emerald Isle
Canada - The Maritime Provinces
Roamin' & Ramblin' - Closer to Home

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