Wake up excited and go to bed exhausted - August to November 2007 travel blog

Wake up excited and go to bed exhausted - August to November 2007

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The plan is to travel to around 25 cities and towns in 10 countries across the globe. At this stage I will be spending 3 months (95 days) catching up with friends and family - and meeting some new people on the way.

My main aim is to wake up excited every morning - and go to sleep exhausted every night (unknown wise person said this first).

After Dream trip nr 1 to Europe over XMAS / New Year 2006 I did not think that dream trip nr 2 would only be 8 months away.

But life works in mysterious ways and now I have 10 Days to go - Paid my flights today (2/8/07) - so it is all on. What was going to be a couple of weeks has now become a 3 month round the world trip to some fantastic destinations - You can see all my flights in my itinary link.

Neil and Victoria decided that rather than a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane they will take some time out of their busy schedules to join me in Phuket for 8 days. We are all very excited and can't wait.

In South Africa the family is hopefully preparing the fatted calf - and I need to meet the snake that I bought my nephew Simon for his birthday a couple of weeks ago...It will also give me the opportunity to meet my friend Suzan's grandson Kyle - her daughter Meryl and Neil is the same age - but Suzan has now beaten me to become a grandmother!!

Then it is off to Morocco - where I will do a 2 week organised tour - and then spend another 5 days just relaxing - more info on the tour at:


Then off to New York > San Francisco > Mexico and Cuba before returning to Auckland on the 18th of November
World-Europe map

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New York New York
San Francisco
Mexico City
Mexico - Pyramids at...
Cuba - On my way
Cuba - An amazing place...
Cuba - Trip to the...
Cuba - Havana - Last...
Mexico - Cancun
Cancun - another day in...
Cancun - Rescuing Baby...
Mexico - Day trip to...
Back Home - just in...
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