Cooper's Abroad 2004/5 travel blog

Cooper's Abroad 2004/5

Graeme travel blog
Welcome to the site where you can view pictures(click on pictures to enlarge them) and journal entries of our progress during our three month trip around the globe.
In addition you can leave us a message, which is read by us.(secure).
You may be notified by e/mail each time a journal entry is made, if you have accepted the invite in the notification e/mail when you were first invited .
Across the bottom are the world maps, which will be of relevance, as we progress.
A guestbook entry detailing your e/mail address can be left if you wish to be notified of changes and I will make it so.Wishing you love, light, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Graeme/Penny rollin rollin rolling
World-Europe map

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