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Rather than head to Europe through Asia we saw the opportunity to go via the US and take in two cities we missed during our earlier travels.

Therefore our end objective for 2017 was to spend time in San Francisco and New York before moving on. Not only would these layovers add some extra fun to our overall travel plans but also provide a bonus for us. This would be the opportunity to get a little acclimatised before getting into some really cold stuff in Helsinki for our first ever White Christmas.

Celsius temperatures in San Francisco were expected to be in the mid teens and in the minus range for New York. These should get our attention.

Things started well from Brisbane with a great flight but stalled for five hours in Sydney as we made the international connection. You have to love the joys of international flight.

After that fun we were finally on our way. Our poverty-pack seats were brilliant....the last two in the pointy-end.....unfortunately, the other pointy end !
The check-in lady offered and recommended them and we were not disappointed.
The flight and service were excellent.
Things were looking good.
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the land of Oz
San Francisco
New York
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