2006-2012: Travel is 'THE Cat's Meow' travel blog

2006-2012: Travel is "THE Cat's Meow"

Gene and Ruby travel blog
Life is not a dress rehearsal: "Don't be afraid to laugh, love and retire early."

Welcome to our trip journal!

We are Gene and Ruby most recently from East Coast NC. In July 2011 we sold the "sticks and bricks" in preparation for the full time lifestyle. Ruby retires September 2011 and we did not want anything to impede our decision to be free to travel and enjoy the USA. Things have fallen into place and we are now ready to take you along on our "journey of a lifetime".

We have enjoyed traveling and showing our classic Swift race boats "The Cat's Meow" in the past. The first time we went to a boat show in MT Dora, Florida to meet my twin sister and her husband I was hooked. The next time was in Lake Shipp, Florida where I first laid eyes on what was my first boat. When I saw it I said "Now isn't this just the cat's meow". I brought it home and hoped my wife would fall in love with it too! As fate would have it, she did not! Well not at first......

For Christmas that year she gave me the boat I was "temporarily" storing for my brother in law. This was the first "The Cat's Meow". It was a 1986 Replica Bezoats Hydro, and so the story begins....

This leads us to my "acquisition" from a generous man's barn an original 1958 SWIFT Atomic A which needs SOME restoration. OK A LOT OF RESTORATION. I sold the Bezoats and bought an original 1958 SWIFT B Utility Runabout. OK, so the AOMCI is dedicated to "restoration and preservation" isn't it. I just take that to be not only about motors but boats too!

This is our story. We hope you enjoy following our travels!

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Milton, FL (Pensacola,...
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Lake Worth, Florida
Lake Worth, Florida
Lake Worth, Florida
Lake Worth, Florida
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Trek West - Ocala, FL.
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Trek West - Texas (EL...
Trek West - Arizona,...
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