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Bull Summer Trip 2011

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Summer is approaching and the temperatures in Jacksonville have already reached the 90s. So it must be time to head out in search of cooler weather. Last year's search did not yield 70 degree temps until we got to Newfoundland. Many of our Canadian neighbors were complaining about how unseasonably hot it was last year.

But this year we will be traveling in a much nicer style than our previous 5 summers. We traded in our faithful 34 foot Bounder for a 40 foot Tiffin Phaeton. Where the Bounder had 2 small slide outs, the Phaeton has 4 large slide outs. The Bounder had 2 TVs, the Phaeton has 4. The sofa in the Bounder folded down to make an adequate extra sleeping space. The sofa in the Phaeton pulls out into a double bed with an air mattress.

Tentative plans are to head north (towards Montana) and then west (towards Oregon). We'll do some exploring in the Northwest US, maybe cross over and see the part of Canada around Vancouver. Then we'll come south down the west coast and head back east through the southern US. We definitely want to hit several national parks - especially Yosemite. Only firm dates are a RV rally in Redmond, OR in July and a possible Moroccan class reunion around Labor Day in Las Vegas. But as usual, once we're on the road, plans change and the itinerary is very fluid. Bob insists that THIS time, we'll spend more nights in one campground at a time - I'm just not sure he has it in him!! We'll see.

We're thrilled that you've decided to join us again on this trip and hope that we can make it interesting enough for you to stay with us in our travels.

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Mariposa, CA Temp 95
Mariposa, CA Temp 89
Fresno, CA Temp 89
Fresno, CA Temp 89
Laughlin, NV Temp 95
Laughlin, NV Temp 99
Laughlin, NV Temp 104
Phoenix, AZ Temp 105
Apache Junction, AZ Temp...
Apache Junction, AZ Temp...
Deming, NM Temp 90
Roswell, NM Temp 80
Roswell, NM Temp 71
Carlsbad, NM Temp 85
Carlsbad, NM Temp 85
Junction, TX
San Antonio, TX Temp 80
San Antonio, TX Temp 80
San Antonio, TX Temp 84
Houston, TX Temp 92
Houston, TX Temp 90
Jacksonville, FL
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