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As the year 2018 comes to and end, I traveled to Cancun for a couple days then on to Havana, Cuba for a week making this my 100th country to travel too. I traveled there under the Support For The Cuban People category. Was a great trip in Cuba A few days in Havana a bus trip to Trinidad a trip to the tobacco area, picked up a few Cuban cigars and a bottle of rum, Then a stop in Mexico City area for the next week, before returning to home in Ignacio, CO. Can check out the trip and pictures form the list. This past year was a great one starting with traveling to northern Chile then on to the white Continent, Antarctica I spent Christmas Day (2018) on the main continent of Antarctica what a great Christmas gift to myself. I spent New Years Eve and New Years Day on a cruise ship in the Falkland Islands, Then it was on to Patagonia for a few days, from there was traveling up the eastern coast of South America to Buenos Aires, on to Rio de Janeiro, with a trip to the top of the mountain of Christ the Redeemer, this completes my travel to all the 7 new wonders of the world, then on to Suriname, Guyana, then into the Caribbean to the islands of Trinidad and Tongo, St Vincent, and finishing in Grenada and on home. I have now been to 100 countries of the world.
Now as the New Year 2019 starts I am working on my Plans for a driving trip to the western part of the US and a cruise to Alaska. When I have completed this trip I will have been in every state in the past 6 years. Having already driven and sleep in every state this is just a chance to revisit them. You can check this trip out on this site once it starts in a few months,
Again Happy Travels
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