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Exploring America through the Windshield

Welcome to our website. This page will link you to our trip journals and show you our current status. By clicking on the text in the box labeled Trip Journal, you can follow our individual travels and see where we have been. As we continue to develop the website we will also be including our side trips to ancient Indian sites and special places that we visit. You can also sign our guestbook and leave us messages. Just remember, we are retired and do not always respond immediately because sometimes our travels take us to lands without cell phones and internet. Hard to imagine, but many places exist where the modern conveniences that have become second nature simply do not exist. And, sometimes we are just too busy to turn it on!

 Map:  USA (Continental) 
Map USA (Continental)
Traveling in North Carolina, United States
America through the Windshield--Getting to Know the First Americans 

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America through the Windshield--Getting to Know the First Americans

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