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Welcome to my website! I'm so glad to have you on board! As many of you already know, my plans are to make my way across central america, south america and then over to africa and eastern and western europe. I hope to volunteer in clinics along the way -or in other capacities depending on what opportunities come my way. My schedule is open and flexible in order to accomodate any offers so I don't know exactly where I'll be or when. What's next is as much of a mystery to me as it is to you. I hope to have some visitors along the way so keep me in mind for that next vacation and let me know what you have in mind! I hope you enjoy following me on my big adventure and make sure to say hello!

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Feb 18/06
USA: Boston
Guatemala: Coban
Guatemala: Flores-Tikal
Belize: Belize City
Belize: Sailing the Cayes
Belize: Placencia
Honduras: Puerto Cortes
Honduras: San Pedro Sula
Honduras: Copan
Honduras: Tegucigalpa
Nicaragua, Leon
Nicaragua: Granada
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