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Latest Update: We are about to move into a new phase of the trip: New Zealand. After two and a half months in Southeast Asia, we're boarding a budget airline for Australia, and then on to Christchurch.
I've been falling behind on the writing part of the blog, which I hope to reverse soon. I put photos up when I can, and hope they tell the story until I get around to it. The story began...

Long ago, back when I lived in an apartment in Amherst, we'd watch a show called Adventure Bound, which always began: "Did you ever have a dream? To just pack up and go? Drop everything and see the world? I did, and for years I've been travelling the world..." That was Albie Mangels, a rascal of an Australian. I'd watch his adventures and dream about doing it myself. Colleen did too, and when we met again (after a 9-year absence) and got married, we decided to do it. So here we are - we just packed up and went. Well, maybe it wasn't that easy.

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