Bill, a broad: Follow My Footsteps Europe 2010 travel blog

Bill, a broad: Follow My Footsteps Europe 2010

Hello friends, I invite you to join me on my adventure through Europe.

Growing up I remember hearing the phrase “backpacking through Europe”. I always wondered about this type of travel. It seemed so unique and exotic. I wanted to be unique and exotic. :-)

My first experience backpacking was in 2005 when I traveled through Mexico for a month. Ever since that trip, I was bitten by the travel bug, more appropriately the backpacking bug. This type of travel allows me to not just see a place, but actually experience the people, the traditions and the history.

I imagined myself traveling through Europe this way. I remember dreaming about the Eiffel Tower, the narrow cobblestone streets of Italy, the blue waters of Greece and the canals of Venice.

After my Mexico trip, I decided to make Europe a reality. I started saving my vacation days and I secured a block of time. Yes, they actually approved seven weeks.

I started researching, planning and deciding my itinerary. Since I am half Bohemian, Prague was on the top of my list and in some way the catalyst for this trip. My other must see country was Italy. Being "Raised Italian", I had a strong desire to experience this country as well. The other countries just seemed to fall into place.

As I sit here, in my almost empty apartment (80% moved), I think WOW I am really doing this. I am actually going to live one of my dreams. I get the chills as a think about watching a gondola glide by or as I turn the corner and see the tulip fields of Holland for the first time.

Out of all the travel books I've read and all the movies I've watched, nothing will surpass the feeling of actually being there.

Just 3 days before I leave. If you could only see the smile on my face.

I hope you enjoy my footsteps as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Sappy I know, but that's me.

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