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Anthony Caruana's Central America and South USA 2012/13

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Welcome to my trip journal!
Welcome to my trip journal! text to click on
My Name is Anthony Caruana 60 years old, semiretired, and when I work I save for my travels.
Started 27th September 2012 in Malta, Direction Central America for about 7 months.
Starting in Malta, to Madrid, to Panama, Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, USA.
Hi everybody......which is at present is about 80 persons, family, and friends, and other travelers I meet on the road which become friends and other interested persons.
This is my everyday diary of interesting things and places that will happen to me during these 7 months, also some adventure I might pass, I will include best photos of the day to my ability, with a cheap digital camera. I will be happy to receive all your comments and will also be happy to answer most of them.
I travel on my own on a low budget, and stay mostly in hostels or small hotels, but if possible I will avoid dormitories, as I will disturb others with my snoring. These hostels nearly all have free WIFI, so I could easily keep contact with all of you.
I use Air if I need to get across seas and buses on land. I avoid all Taxi's. I walk a lot even to find the best place to stay. I eat in economic places, and markets. I do not drink alcohol, or go out at night, even because I normally start early in the morning and by the evening I am tiered.
My backpack is kept to minimum less then 10 kilos, which has a laptop, washing staff,3 summer shirts, two shorts one jeans, a light jacket, one light jumper, no socks or shoes only the ones I'm wearing. If I need anything on the way I can buy it at the market cheaper then carrying from Malta. I wash cloths on the way.
I do not buy souvenirs, and if I do, I will post them home to save me carrying.
All of you know that my trip is well in an advanced stage and I'm doing this journal more to the end, as I did not know how to do it then, and now I'm learning how to do it. I will try to learn tricks as I go along and try to make it as interesting as possible.
Thank you for your interest, and assure you that your interest gives me more courage to keep going.

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