Hiking the Camino de Santiago France/Spain travel blog

Hiking the Camino de Santiago France/Spain

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Hike 500miles (800km) from the south of France and across Spain, yes please. Then add a bonus 75km to walk to the end of the world...don't mind if I do. Throw in a follow up hike on the super scary Caminito del Rey...well why didn't you say so?!

I'm also fundraising for Oxfam as part of my hike. Oxfam Australia is a really great charity (the money gets to the people who need it) and they are helping people living in poverty around the world. If you enjoy my updates (or even if you don't) please help share the love and donate now.

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St Jean Pied de Port
SJPP to Roncesvalles
Roncesvalles to...
Larrasoana to Cizur Manor
Cizur Mayor to Cirauqui
Ciraqui to Villamayor...
Villamayor de...
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