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Welcome to our 2016 trip journal!

While we are fulfilling our dreams of visiting all the fantastic sites in our beautiful country and other countries, we wanted to keep in touch with all our relatives and friends. Thanks to technology, this is the medium we'll use. We hope you all enjoy seeing where we have been and what we did.

NOTE #1: Due to numerous requests, we have updated this site with our prior trips around the Pacific. Just click on the drop-down menu to the right and pick the year you'd like to view. Hope you enjoy.

NOTE #2: Some have asked "Do I have to click on each photo to see it?" The answer is "No". Click on the first photo -- on the bottom of the photo you'll see the display "slide show: 5 sec. 10 sec". Click on either and a slide show will begin with the photos spaced out with the number of seconds you chose. Easy, huh? Have fun!

Note #3: Our map was getting pretty crowded and "messy" so we have divided the Journal into years. On the top right side of this "Home Page", above "Leave A Message", there is a drop-down menu. If you would like to see some of our old adventures, just click on the year.

CURRENT TOTALS: States Visited = 50 Countries Visited = 35

FOREIGN MONEY USED: Euros, Egyptian Pound, English Pound, Scottish Pound, Turkish Lira, Danish Kroner, Russian Ruble, Swizz Kroner, Mexican Peso, Canadian Dollar, East Caribbean Dollar, Barbados Dollars, Antillean Florin/Guilder, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, Taiwan New Taiwanese Dollar(NT), Chinese Yuan (RMB), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

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Hamlin Beach State...
Aug 24/16
Lewistown, PA (Map...
Aug 26/16
Washington, DC (Map...
Sep 8/16
Harrisonburg, VA (Map...
Sep 17/16
The Ark, Williamstown,...
Sep 18/16
Sep 24/16
Memphis, Tennessee...
Oct 2/16
Shirley, Arkansas (Map...
Oct 9/16
Lake Dardanelle State...
Oct 9/16
Oklahoma City, OK (Map...
New York to Oklahoma
Branson, Missouri
Katy, Texas
Dec 21/16
Travis AFB, CA (Map...
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