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Our People is made up of a group of dedicated professionals committed to innovation in communication.

Daniel Parlow, President and Director

Dan is primarily responsible for MyTripJournal's business development activities, including its white-labeling, niche product development and affiliate relationships. He also oversees MyTripJournal's charitable activities and legal affairs. Dan and wife Faye are consummate world travelers.

One of Dan's sincerest beliefs is that travel = education. To that end, he enrolled his young sons in weekend Mandarin classes to prepare for a 3-month backpack trip to China. During the trip, Adrian, then 8, and Robin, 5, learned not only their semester's schoolwork but also the characteristics of boddisatvahs, the origins of Kung Fu, and oriental bargaining strategies.

Jonathan Lander, Design

Jonathan is contracted to provide design and artistic services, consult on new MyTripJournal features and assist in print production. His marketing and communications design firm J. Lander Design Group has provided contract services to MyTripJournal since 2004.

In his spare time, Jonathan plays multiple string and keyboard instruments, composes, and has extensive experience engineering and producing music using the latest in computer-based pro audio technologies.

Paul Melhus, Director

Paul is responsible for MyTripJournal's accounting and financial management. Since co-founding Ingenuity Works, an educational and geographical software company, Paul has managed the growth of software development businesses for over 25 years.

Faye Parlow, Corporate Secretary and Director

Faye provides expertise on marketing and product development issues. Faye has over 20 years' experience in the travel industry and currently serves as Director of Tourism Product Management with Tourism British Columbia.

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