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United Kingdom

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Welcome to my Adventure!!
From the Northern Highlands to Southern England join me on as I explore.
************KEEP SMILING***************
Leave me a message to let me know you where hear, I love email!! Whether it is a suggestion for the site, or just to say "Hi, I was here" I honestly don't get near enough messages

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Valentine's Day
Chinese New Year Resolutions
Last day of February
A new friend from Ireland
Howletts Wild Animal Park
What is the date?!?!?!?
Alice and Sophia
April 7 -15
Wingham Wildlife Park
Canterbury Cathedral
Maureen & Fred
Port (Lyme)
Jun 3/07
Bye Nutmeg, I will miss you!!
A new recruit!
Jul 1/07
Happy Canada Day!!!
Bad Weather...ahhhhh!!!!!!!
farm 2
farm 3
Aug 5/07
Almost all booked!!!
Last Day on the farm
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