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Wonders on the Road

Welcome to our Travel Journal.

We are Marvin and June Wonder from Ormond Beach, FL. We are not full-timers and do most of our long trips in the summer months. We’ve found over the years that four months is just about our limit, after that we’re ready to head home so we’ll probably never become full-timers.

We’ve had some great adventures over the last thirteen years traveling through 49 states and Canada. Some trips we've journaled and some we haven’t. So far our favorites have been Alaska, the Canadian Maritime Provinces and of course we love the American West.

One of our favorite things to do besides eating out in new places, taking photos, and "moderate” hikes we love taking our Toad and exploring the back roads wherever we happen to be.

If you would like to contact us click on "leave a message". We would love to hear from you!

 Map:  USA (Continental) - states 
Map USA (Continental) - states
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