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Wide Open Spaces - 2007-2008

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After an amazing fourteen months in Big Sky, Montana, I am about to embark on another road trip. Almost everything about this trip is up for grabs - the length (one month, two months, six months?), the route (mostly the West and Southwest, I'm guessing) and the rest. Only the name I've given the trip is a certainty - I'm calling it "Wide Open Spaces" for two reasons. The first is the name of the song by the Dixie Chicks. My friend Jane gave me the CD last month, and it immediately struck a chord with me - I guess you could say it's become my theme song. The second reason is that living in Big Sky for a year has reinforced my love of the West. There truly is something about the wide open spaces here that calls to me.

So, I am setting out to more fully discover the West, to build on those things that I have gained while in Big Sky - a renewed love of the outdoors and knowledge of what is truly important to me. Perhaps this journey will also be a pathway to new things and experiences, perhaps I'll discover more about myself. As my friend Kevin always says, I'm going to look through the windshield, not the rearview mirror.

This time I won't be traveling alone. My friends in Miami gave me a gnome to accompany me and to have adventures of his own. So you can look forward to seeing photos of the gnome as I go along.

I'm ready to begin this new journey and hope you will travel with me vicariously.

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