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Wazz (Denbe) and Jo's (Makena) African Adventure

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Welcome interested readers. Yes we are finally off to Africa. Hard as it is to believe it is approaching three years since we left on our last trip to North America.

We hope you find our musings worthwhile and you track us as we travel around and look at the (hopefully) amazing wildlife that abounds. While we may not get as close to the animals as our photo here, we hope to get some great photos and experiences at nearly as close range!

Don't forget to drop us a line every so often as I expect that we will be on limited internet and not 100% up to date with all the goss.

So sit back and read as we explore the seven countries of choice in this very large continent.

For a bit more depth of our trip you can also visit the below website. This was set by our friends at Encompass Africa - who we are travelling with for our entire trip.


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