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Judy and Herman travel blog
Dear family and friends, welcome to our trip journal!
We hope to create a journal that we can look back on in time to come, we will print it out at the end of the journey to keep the memories alive. Herman and I hope that you will enter comments and thoughts so that you will become a part of our adventure.
If you click on the 'request updates' to the right hand side every time we add another entry you will be alerted via your e-mail!!

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Tickets ---Finally
A baby for the Wynands!!
Hi Ho! Hi HO to the airport I...
Paris, here we are!!
Eiffel Tower here we come
Sacrè Coeur
Adventures in the underground
Champs Elysees
arrival in Blerick
A Fun Day
Maastricht and Mannheim
We are at Lucerne today Ha!...
Lucerne to Interlaken
Interlaken Day 1
To the 'Top of the World'
Trezzone, Lake Como
Still having Fun
Trezzone to Moterrosso
Goat track to Vernazza
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