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So I've got three months to get to Slovenia and back in time for my Sister's wedding. Some bright spark suggested you might be interested in following me on my journey, to enjoy the highs and the lows with me or perhaps just to revel in my misery as I pedal on my ownsome, come rain or shine, through unfamiliar lands, with nothing but the comfort of a tent and a camping stove to look forward to at the end of another saddle sore day ?

Myself and 'Fernando' are ready for all-comers and we're hitting the road.

I just hope in my absence that Arsenal can grab fourth spot in the league from Tottenham. Otherwise I'm not coming back. Oh the embarrasment!

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Les Villeneuve d'Avignon
The Pope's Palace et al
Avignon (the windy city)
The Sea at last!!!
Nimes and Tourist Prices
The hills are no more
Mont Aigoual and the...
The Tarn and the Jonte...
The Lot Gorge
Bloody massive climbs...
The 'Massif'!
Rest Day
Curry and Waterproofs...
destination Gueret
The Loire is no more
The Big Loire (12th April)
The Loir Valley (11th...
Mikey teams up with...
Practice Run
Last Day at Work
Only 18 Days to Go
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