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Welcome to Backpacking with wheels ... we love a little adventure but we also love a little comfort while on vacation!

Finally I think we've found the perfect luggage... after the Trans Mongolian Express adventure with porter luggage (you know the kind with a handle and wheels) and trying to carry that on planes, trains, city buses etc. was quite a challenge. Now we've found a backpack/dufflebag with wheels! Seems like the perfect solution.
Guess the Amazon Jungle and the Andean mountains will soon be the test!
Hope you enjoy reading Liz N Tim's adventure...

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Apr 30/11
Packed and Ready to Go
A Day in the Airport
exploring lima
into the Amazon jungle
In the Amazon
from the jungle to...
The Sacred Valley
finally at Macchu Picchu
back to Cuzco
on our way to Puno
Lake Titicacca
return to Puno via...
from Puno to home - the...
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