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Note: I will add photos, or edit this after entries have been made, so you may want to review entries you've already looked at on occassion.

November 1: Well, the adventure is finally about to begin. I had to make a month long detour in the Beaverton/Forest Grove area, where I've been able to spend some more time with Ryan, Dani and granddaughter Alexandria, as well as my mom. As much as I'm looking forward to beginning this new chapter in my life, the excitement level and romanticism of it all is a bit tainted, as Melinda and I are unable to share this experience together. Nevertheless, the path before me is that which we were planning to take, so bear with me as I honor her in this endeavor, and dedicate this in her memory.

Preparations have been made - the truck is ready, the trailer is getting there, the golf clubs are in, the maps are in the front seat, the tires are inflated to proper levels, and I'm trying not to get too sentimental as I prepare to leave this part of the world and our friends in Newport. Ryan will be joining me for the first few days, which will be good for both of us.

As the adventure unfolds, there are a few places that are definite destinations - Hampton, Tennesee (Melinda's father); Thanksgiving in San Antonio (my brother); Xmas in Dickinson, Texas (yes, that's right!) where new grandbaby Lily and parents Jared and Megan are located. Then back to to San Felipi, Mexico to visit some friends from the trailer park. If the schedule holds true, I should be back up in Oregon by mid-April. From there, who knows?

So stay tuned and join me in this great adventure. I'll do my best to post pictures, little tid bits of information, and locations on the attached maps. Feel free to drop me a line in the message/guestbook section of this site. No guarantees I'll respond right away though, or at all, as I'll have to force myself to put down whatever beverage I'm sipping on, and put away the sunglasses and flip flops to come inside!

Ya'all have fun now, ya hear?!
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Salmon River Hike
Central Oregon
Olympic National Park
Mt. Hood, Day 1
North Cascades Nat'l Park
Glacier Nat'l Park, Day 1
Glacier NP, Day 2
Glacier NP, Day 3
Mt. Hood, Day 2
Mt. Hood, Day 3
Mt. Hood, Day 4
Looking ahead
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