Our December 2013 Trip to Visit Friends and Relatives travel blog

Our December 2013 Trip to Visit Friends and Relatives

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Well, we are getting ready for a 4500 + mile trip in our trusty (hopefully) 2004 Ford F-150 Pickup. We will be going to Las Cruces, NM, Chicago, IL, St. Louis, MO, Lewisburg, TN, Ada, OK, Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, back to Las Cruces, NM and then back home to Vail, AZ. Whew! We are counting on the weather cooperating with us so everyone tell their local weather people to order sunny skies and warm temperatures.

We are loaded to the gills with a ton of clothes, a large box of shoes (mostly Prudy's), Christmas presents and an emergency kit that includes; water, shovel, firewood, lighter fluid, blankets, axe, matches, tools, ice scraper, food, extra windshield wipers, Lime-A-Ritas and a partridge in a pear tree. Hopefully, we are taking all of this for no reason...except for the L-A-Rs. The back end of our pickup looks as though we are moving out of our house.

I will try my best to keep Prudy sedated so that I can listen to my "Learn Spanish This Afternoon and Speak It Fluently Tomorrow" tapes. She really isn't looking forward to all of the driving (of which she does zero) so I have to have some way to keep me awake while she sleeps.

This will be my first time to use "My Trip Journal" so hopefully I can figure it out enough to keep it up to date. If you are interested in following us then check into our site occasionally to see what in the heck we are up to and where we are. I'll try to keep it somewhat interesting, if that is possible.

I'm doing this trip journal mainly so you will have some idea of where to find us if we don't show up when and where we are supposed to.

You can click on the list of states below the map to follow our route more closely. You can also click on the "Itinerary" tab to see where we plan to be and on what dates. The latest posts are to the right of the map with the latest post being on top.

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Dec 4/15
Back Home
Almost Home
It's New Years Eve and We...
Edmond, OK
It is Cold in Owasso
Merry Christmas!
Easy Trip to Ada
Van Buren (Ft. Smith), AR
At Mikes in Tennessee
Arrived at Mikes in Tennessee
Arrived at Jack & Rosey's...
Last Day at Sheri's
Nothing Going On Today
Been to Belleville and back...
Made It To Sheri's
Didn't Make It To Sheri's
Day 3 - She Made It to...
Day 2 - Las Cruces, NM to...
Day 1 - No Problems
Ready to Depart
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