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Robyn's Travelling Adventures

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Hi everyone and welcome to my website! Here you can find out what I'm up to whilst I'm away for the year. The next year will be very exciting, and I want to share it with all of you. This year is pretty much about me, and after many years of education, I'm sure everyone's agreed I deserve this year of adventure! Robyn (aka Bob-Bob)

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Inverell Races
Working as an au pair
So Long and Thanks for...
And it's supposed to...
Finding work
Sydney Australia
Last days in Malaysia
1 week left
Back to the Jungle
Kuala Lumpur
Perhentian Islands
The oldest rainforest...
Visit Melaka, visit...
The beach and JB
Johor Bahru
Merlions, Orchids and...
Into the Wild
Journey and first flight
Leaving the UK
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