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Reunited 2008

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Welcome to our trip journal. As the title of our journal indicates, we are traveling to France to reunite two wonderful members of our family, one long gone and one recently passed. Their love story begins with a marriage in Canada, and continues throughout places in England, France, and the US. As our voyage de l'amour unfolds, you will hear and read the sad, surprising, joyful and hopefully eventful story of these two people and how we reunite them at long last. You'll read about their lives and their losses and how we were able to discover a surprising twist to this story, while we retrace history in our journey. This is our journey, too, as we celebrate our lives through travel and family.

Message us and let us know if you would like us to take photos of someplace that you want to see along the way, and if we can, we will.

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The Journey Begins
Phoenix to Atlanta to Paris
CDG Airport to Morlaix via...
Morlaix to Scrignac, France
Scrignac to Brest, France
Brest to Morlaix to Scrignac
Scrignac, Morlaix, St....
St. Lo to St. Mere Eglise
St. Mere Eglise to Utah...
Omaha Beach, Memorial and...
Omaha Beach to Bayeux
Bayeux to Arromanches
Arromanches to Caen
Caen to Lisieux
Lisieux to Paris
Enjoying Paris
Last Day in Paris
Paris to Atlanta to Phoenix
Web links to places that...
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