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Welcome to our travel journal! Regardless of where we travel, we love to explore new places. Our trip journals are our thoughts, our experiences and our words. We have loved some places that we have visited and others have left us wishing we were home. However, the experience has always enriched our lives tremendously. We are so lucky to have our health and the resources to travel.

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 Map:  World With Antarctica 
Map World With Antarctica
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Traveling in Italy
Victor & Joanne's Italy and Bulgaria Family Adventure 2017 

 Trip Journals 
Victor & Joanne's Italy and Bulgaria Family Adventure 2017
Victor & Joanne's Six Month Adventure in Mexico
Victor & Joanne - Italy &Turkey 2015
Women on Worldwide Adventures - India
Joanne and Victor's Peruvian Adventure
Women's China Tour
Japan 2011
Mediterranean Cruise 2010
Victor & Joanne's Australia Adventure
Victor & Joanne's Cuban Adventure
Joanne's Barcelona Adventure
Victor and Joanne's Mexico 2009 Adventure

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