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Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011

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This is a continuation of our Great Adventures Journal starting with our journey west to the Rose Parade. Our original map was rather crowded so this one starts when we got to Texas, on our way west.

In November of 2010, while we were enjoying ourselves in Quakertown, PA., we sort of thought we’d like to take a longer journey…like to Alaska. However, after looking at the atlas, I realized Alaska is VERY far away so….Hey, let’s go to the Rose Parade in California instead! I did a little research on the internet and, after signing up with Adventure Caravans, off we headed to California.

We decided to go with a caravan company since this would be the first time we've been to California and Rose Bowl time isn't the easiest time to get around the city. By going with Adventure Caravans, all we had to do was get ourselves to the reserved campground and leave the rest of the driving to them! Worked out quite well.

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